THE INTERDEPENDENCE PROJECT has been offering mindfulness and contemplation in NYC since 2007.  Using traditional techniques updated for modern life, we enable everyone to create happier and wiser relationships with themselves and others.  Our certified instructors have extensive personal meditation and retreat experience in many traditions, and years of teaching to individuals and groups at businesses, schools, and organizations. 



Allow us to use our experience and expertise to help you design a program especially for your needs.  We can lead an afternoon workshop, organize a daylong retreat, or a teach a series of weekly classes for your personnel.  We can also train individuals from your staff to learn to lead daily meditations to insure ongoing practice support for your employees.  Our services are available at your location or our midtown studio space.  

Mindfulness+ Program

Our signature Mindfulness Plus program introduces the foundations of mindfulness, concentration, and compassion to promote cooperation, manage stress, and build resilience at your business, school, or organization.  Available as an afternoon workshop, a daylong retreat, or a six week series of one-hour meetings.


Weekly Workplace Meditation

Cultivating mindfulness and insight techniques while generating compassion alleviates stress, improves decision-making, and creates more productive and meaningful relationships in and out of the workplace.  Let us provide on-going support to ensure you and your team continue to flourish. 



Individual and Leadership Training

One-on-one training tailored to an individual's unique qualities of mind. We understand that leaders and change-makers are often called upon to make decisions that impact themselves and others both directly and indirectly.  Such responsibility requires wisdom, foresight, and compassion, which we can help you develop with easily learned techniques.



Our People

IDP teachers are successful graduates of our unique yearlong Meditation Teacher Training Program, and all have years of personal practice in many contemplative lineages. We abide by the ethical guidelines of the traditional Buddhist precepts, participate in diversity and anti-racism training, and are committed to ongoing personal and professional development. We regard meditation as a means to create more meaningful personal lives and careers, as well as a foundation of an equitable and harmonious world.


“The main business case for meditation is that if you’re fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people.”  

William George, board member of Goldman Sachs, and former CEO of Medtronic.


Client Relationships

We've worked with teams, staff, and ERGs at banks, insurance agencies, schools, hedge funds, and more. Our teachers have provided one-on-one guidance to Fortune 500 CEOs, Obie-winning performers, entrepreneurs, hedge-fund managers, lawyers, teachers, and professionals from many fields.